Self-Government or Character formation

Here, each individual is considered as a government and tools to manage it will be exposed to you. If self is not well managed, nothing else will. Here, participants will be taught to knowing that power is organized effort and success depends on power. You cannot have organized effort without internal organization. Therefore, our goal here is for one to achieving internal organization.

Leadership and Influence

Here, you realize that you cannot lead anyone without leading yourself first. You cannot have true influence if you do not develop people. Here, you will be exposed to the most important things people need and gain access into their hearts for your business growth and otherwise. Therefore, we will help you ignite your leadership/influence skills.

Now you have seen the values we offer, do you think you need it for your business and life growth?

Yes! You do. Just get in touch with us right away.

When Does the training take place?

It is done once per week. And we have 3 sessions per day. This means that, you can choose any day and session from Monday to Friday and maintain it. This is designed this way to ensure that everyone is accommodated, you in particular.

Can you be hired to train staff of my organization?

Yes, we can. We have done a lot of it recently.

What Next?

Do your registration right away and start the re-negotiation process. You will thank us later for letting you know about us.

LMIF… for a better society

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